Serbia faces hard task to fight for majority in UN General Assembly, says Serbian president

The International Court of Justice in The Hague missed to rule on the fundamental issue whether the Kosovo Albanians have the right to separate and left this issue to be decided by the UN General Assembly, said Serbian President Boris Tadic in a statement for the media after the court judged that Kosovo’s declaration of independence does not violate the international law, Serbian Blic daily writes.

According to Tadic, court’s decision opens a way for Serbia to prove the rightness of its policy this fall, when the UN General Assembly will pass its political judgment on the issue.
In president’s words, the ICJ has passed a decision of compromise, as it does not acknowledge Kosovo’s right of separation but refers only to the technical content of the declaration of independence.

The text itself does not violate the international law, Tadic remarked.

“We are now facing the hard task to fight for majority in the UN General Assembly, which to call for the issue to be solved through negotiations,” President Boris Tadic remarked.

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