Serbin FM: Serbia open to all Kosovo solutions

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić told CNN that the Kosovo question divides the UN, EU and NATO, adding that a solution of compromise is needed to bridge the gap.

Jeremić said that Belgrade is ready for open dialogue with the Priština institutions and that Belgrade would not say “no” beforehand to any possible solution.

“We only said ‘no’ to a unilateral independence proclamation,” Jeremić said as a guest on CNN.

Asked why Belgrade believes that Kosovo’s proclaimed independence should not be recognized, he said that it would be the first time in UN history that a secessionist territory achieved statehood without the consent of the parent state.

“If this happens in Kosovo’s case, it can happen in other parts of the world tomorrow,” Jeremić said.

He stressed that Serbia is not only defending its constitutional, political and democratic rights, but is also trying to stop a dangerous precedent.

Jeremić said that Belgrade would continue its policies of seeking a peaceful solution for the Kosovo question, using only diplomatic, political and legal measures, refraining from violence.

Asked how he feels about the fact that some people see Serbia as “Milošević’s Serbia” still, despite changes that have occurred in the country, Jeremić said that “as a human being, it is sometimes offensive,” because the entire democratic bloc fought to free itself of Milošević.

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