Albania FM Urges Implementation of Ohrid Deal

Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ilir Meta has called for the full implementation of the Ohrid Agreement on its ninth anniversary, in a letter sent to his Macedonian counterpart.

Meta wrote to the Macedonian FM Antonio Milloshovski: “I believe we share the same opinion that the Ohrid Agreement has an extraordinary significance for the future of the Republic of Macedonia and that its full implementation at all levels is the only guarantee for securing stability, good understanding and internal confidence.”

The Ohrid Agreement ended the 2001 armed conflict between Macedonian security forces and ethnic Albanian insurgents, while foreseeing constitutional changes providing greater rights and institutional integration for the ethnic-Albanian minority in Macedonia.

Some Albanian political parties in Macedonia have complained the implementation of the agreement looked as if it was grinding to a halt again last year.

Albanians make up roughly one quarter of the Macedonian population. The agreement was signed and guaranteed by the special representatives of the EU and US.

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