Dacic says Serbia open to tweaking UN resolution on Kosovo

Visiting Gracanica on Sunday (August 15th), Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said that Belgrade is interested in talks on Kosovo even if that means changing UN Security Council Resolution 1244. “Serbia is interested in passing its resolution [at next month’s UN General Assembly meeting], but on the other [hand], is interested in having talks even if it has to intervene in the text of the resolution. But if Serbia accepts that the text of the resolution corresponds to [Kosovo’s] independence of Kosovo … then the question arises if Serbia can have talks at all,” Dacic said. When asked about northern Kosovo, Dacic said that “no one benefits from a frozen conflict and it would be good if there is a joint solution as soon as possible.” Local media noted that Dacic was allowed to make a religious visit to the monastery just outside Pristina on the condition that he make no political statements, a condition he violated. Dacic also said that Serbia is ready to send personnel to help guard Serb medieval monasteries and historic monuments in Kosovo, an idea that was immediately rejected by Kosovo Interior Minister Bajram Rexhepi. Dacic was commenting on KFOR’s decision to hand over the security of medieval monasteries to local police

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