Belgrade seeks compromise with western countries

Serbia will accept talks, but not a drastic change to its UN General assembly Kosovo resolution, MFA sources said in Belgrade today. The United States and the EU have been increasing their diplomatic offensive, while media reports place the forthcoming visit of German FM Guido Westerwelle in that context. 

According to this, the EU and U.S. wish to convince officials in Serbia to change the text of the drat resolution.

If there is no compromise solution reached with Belgrade, the next step will be to have as many countries as possible vote against it, as the UN body meets in New York on September 9.

According to reports, Westerwelle will be in Belgrade this week to relay the message of the so-called Quint – five countries, headed by the United States, that strongly support an independent Kosovo.

Media are also speculating that the message will include warnings that Serbia’s EU integration could be jeopardized if Belgrade refuses to change the wording of the resolution, especially the part that condemns the unilateral secession, declared by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians.

Assistant to Serbia’s foreign minister Zdravko Ponoš was quoted as saying today that he does not expect blackmail from Westerwelle, and that Serbia and Germany have ties over a series of other issues as well.

When he arrives in Belgrade the German foreign minister will meet with state officials, but also those from Serbia’s ruling G17 Plus and opposition parties, including SNS, LDP, but not with Vojislav Koštunica’s DSS.

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