Azerbaijan to support Serbia in UN

Azerbaijan will vote in favor of Serbia’s Kosovo resolution during the upcoming UN General Assembly session. This is according to the country’s Ambassador to Serbia Eldar Hasanov, who spoke for Belgrade’s daily Danas.

The envoy also said that a considerable number of Islamic countries will follow suit and support the Serbian draft. As the UN General Assembly meets in New York on September 9, Azerbaijan’s own resolution, concerning its secessionist region of Nagorno-Karabakh, will be first up for vote.

Hasanov told the newspaper that there were similarities between Kosovo and Nagorno-Karabakh, as both Serbia and Azerbaijan have had their territorial integrity and sovereignty violated.

The ambassador noted that his country supports initiatives to solve the issue peacefully, and explains that the territory is “historically Azerbaijani, occupied by Armenian forces”.

Hasanov noted that his country was convinced that international law, territorial integrity, inviolability of borders and sovereignty of his county would be respected, and added that Baku will “never allow for the territory to remain occupied”.

“We support Serbia’s position within the UN and other international organizations, as we did at the International Court of Justice. We believe that Serbia’s stance on Kosovo is completely right. A large number of countries will on September 9 support Azerbaijan’s position. I hope the same will be true of Serbia’s. Belgrade will be supported at the UN by a considerable number of Islamic countries,” the ambassador concluded.

The daily’s sources in Belgrade also said that Serbia will work to convince a number of primarily Islamic countries that will support Azerbaijan’s draft, to, for principled reasons, support the next item on the agenda: Serbia’s Kosovo resolution.

Belgrade is aware than not every country that votes for the first draft will also support the Kosovo document, but officials expect that a number of them will “at least abstain from voting”, writes the newspaper.

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