Tadić, Dodik to visit towns together

Serbian President Boris Tadić and Republic of Srpska (RS) Prime Minister Milorad Dodik will on Saturday visit Užice and Višegrad. Užice is a western Serbian town, while Višegrad is located in eastern RS.

Tadić and Dodik will first together open the Užice Free Zone in the city’s local community of Sevojno, and then meet with the local business community, and government representatives from Serbia and the Serb republic, which is one of two entities making up Bosnia-Herzegovina.

After that, the Serbian president and RS prime minister will open works on the Serbia-RS border crossing in Kotroman, near Užice, and then visit Višegrad to inaugurate a narrow gauge railway between Mt. Mokra Gora and that town, the Serbian president’s office said in a statement in Belgrade on Thursday.

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