British foreign minister to visit Belgrade

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague will be in Belgrade on Tuesday to meet with senior Serbian officials. Political and economic analyst Dragomir Janković told B92 that Hague is not coming to Belgrade to negotiate changes to Serbia’s Kosovo resolution submitted to the UN General Assembly, however.

“There would be no special negotiations. I am sure that the UK foreign secretary will give certain demands. The EU is not ready to negotiate so I am sure that there will be no negotiations,” Janković said.

He said that the EU would not be dealing with the content of the resolution.

“Serbia submitted the resolution without consultations with any international factors. The people from the EU will not be dealing with the contents of the resolution as much as they will be trying to convince Serbia that the way it has presented the resolution goes against Serbian interests,” Janković said.

Despite the tense relations between Belgrade and Brussels, mainly because of this resolution, Janković said that the funds that the EU is giving Serbian from its IPA funds are not at risk of being taken away or stopped.

“EU membership is not an economic, but a political decision. But the political agreement calls for economic reforms. Even if the EU refrains from accepting Serbia as an EU member-state, it will not refrain from supporting economic reforms. Economy is not a unilateral thing,” Janković said.

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