British FM urges Serbia to reconsider resolution on Kosovo

British Foreign Secretary William Hague urged Serbian officials on Tuesday (August 31st) to reconsider the draft resolution on Kosovo they plan to present to the UN General Assembly next week. “What we really need is an agreed text and agreed approach and probably the best way to bring that about is to have a new resolution,” Hague said. Belgrade officials responded that Serbia is ready for a compromise over the draft resolution that would be acceptable to European partners but it is not ready to withdraw it. “Out of the question is [the] only compromise” that would make Serbia recognise Kosovo’s independence, President Boris Tadic said in a statement after meeting with Hague. The document was submitted at the UN after the International Court of Justice’s July 22nd advisory opinion, which found that Kosovo’s 2008 independence declaration did not violate international law. It calls for fresh talks with Pristina. During his meetings in Belgrade, Hague praised Serbia for the EU-related reforms implemented in recent years and reassured the country it can count on the UK’s support.

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