Turkish president visits Bosnia

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said in Sarajevo on Thursday his country was “ready to increase current political and economic cooperation” with Bosnia. He underlined that Bosnia had to “quickly and courageously” work on its European integration.

Following a meeting with members of the Bosnian presidency, Gul said: “The best indicator of the importance Turkey places on mutual economic relations is the composition of the delegation that has come to Sarajevo today.”

Turkish economic representatives and a delegation of ministers and Turkish parliamentarians traveled to Bosnia with the Turkish president on an official two-day visit.

Gul underscored that everything would be done to ensure that Bosnian and Turkish business people cooperated more with one another.

He underlined that Turkey gave the same amount of attention to all ethnic and religious communities in Bosnia and that the essence of Turkish policy was to “establish peace, security and stability” because of which Turkey had recently realized a series of positive initiatives in the Balkans in order to intensify joint cooperation.

“Nobody can prevent us from cooperating with one another on creating peace, stability and prosperity,” said Gul and advised the members of the Bosnian Presidency to “work quickly and courageously” on Bosnia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Turkish president will speak on Sept. 3 with High Representative for Bosnia Valentin Inzko and members of the Inter-Religious Council of Bosnia in Sarajevo before visiting Mostar in the afternoon.

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