Bulgaria and Romania reached agreement on energy pursuits

Bulgarian and Romanian government representatives met yesterday in Bucharest and reached agreements on a number of joint energy pursuits the Romanian Ministry of Economy announced.

According to a release from the Romanian Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, the meeting took place in Bucharest end of last week and included Romanian state secretary in the Ministry of Economy Constantin Claudiu Stafie and Bulgarian deputy Minister of Economy and Energy Mariy Kossev, as well as Bulgarian ambassador Vladimir Radomirski.

The two parties discussed “joint projects underway”, such as the opportunities for building hydroelectric power plants on the Danube river.

They also discussed the joining of the two neighbors’ electricity markets, as well as the interconnection of their natural gas and electricity networks.

In an important move, Romania and Bulgaria agreed that they need to come out with “a common position” regarding the implementation and development of the Nabucco natural gas pipeline project.

The two countries also agreed to hold regular working groups in specific energy areas to give an effective impulse to bilateral and regional cooperation in those fields.

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