Moldova to hold snap parliamentary elections on Nov. 21

Moldova’s ruling four-party Alliance or European Integration (AIE) coalition decided at an enlarged meeting Wednesday to hold snap parliamentary elections on Nov. 21, according to news report reaching here from Moldova.

Until then, acting President Mihai Ghimpu is to dissolve the parliament, with at least 60 days before the elections, but not before receiving a notice of the Constitutional Court in this regard.

Both the leader of the Democratic Party Marian Lupu and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vlad Filat, spoke out for separate participation in the elections of the four parties of the alliance, while Our Moldova Alliance leader Serafim Urechean reiterated its position that the alliance to participate on a joint list in the elections.

In addition, Urecheanu also opted for elections in late December, but said that the party will comply with the common decision.

Lupu also stressed that there should be a non-aggression pact between the four parties of the alliance during the election campaign.

The current legislation in Chisinau, formed in early parliamentary elections on July 29, 2009, is to be dissolved in accordance with constitutional provisions, as it failed to elect a head of state.

Moldova’s political deadlock has lasted for more than a year after two parliamentary elections and four attempts didn’t manage to elect a president. Neither the Communists nor the ruling four- party coalition has succeeded in electing their own presidential candidates.

Under the electoral law, the election of a president requires 61 deputies’ support in the 101-seat parliament. The failure of choosing a president in two rounds of vote will lead to a snap parliamentary election.

The ruling alliance initiated a referendum last Sunday aiming at ending the country’s long-standing political and parliamentary crisis, but poor turnout rendered the referendum invalid.

With the referendum invalid, early parliamentary elections are imminent and the acting president has already asked the Constitutional Court for the dissolution of the current parliament.

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