Kosovo’s Vetevendosje opposes talks with Serbia

The Vetevendosje (Self-determination) movement says it is opposed to any talks with Serbia and has called for the public to mobilise against them. Movement leader Albin Kurti said on Sunday (September 12th) that new negotiations with Serbia will only aggravate the political situation further and will harm Kosovo’s sovereignty. “The very start of these talks contributes to chances of division along ethnic lines in Kosovo,” Kurti said, adding that Vetevendosje will focus on implementing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s six-point plan. It helped reconfigure the international presence in Kosovo but was opposed by Pristina institutions for stretching the responsibilities of Belgrade and Kosovo Serbs enough to dilute the authority of Kosovo institutions. Kurti also accused Kosovo leaders of agreeing to hold talks without first receiving an apology from Serbia for crimes committed against the Albanian population.

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