Kosovo Albanian president: K. Albanians want EULEX to act in north

The Kosovo Albanian president and prime minister requested from EULEX to act in mostly Serb northern Kosovo, said reports.

The Albanian language daily Koha Ditore writes that they want the EU mission to “begin combating organized crime and arresting the main suspects for smuggling and other serious criminal acts”.

The paper adds that EULEX is investigating 25 cases of smuggling, ethnically motivated and other types of crime in northern Kosovo.

EULEX, together with domestic officials, is determined to fight organized crime and corruption in the entire Kosovo. Taking that into account, the actions in northern Kosovo have been delayed for the past several weeks and months, the paper reports.

The investigation has been launched on several serious crimes, but due to the nature of these cases, at this point we cannot disclose many information on them, EULEX spokesperson Karin Limdal stated for Koha Ditore. We hope that there will be some positive results very soon, she added.

Last month, it was reported that Thaci and Sejdiu requested from the diplomats of the main western countries, the so-called Quint, and the representatives of EULEX and the International Civilian Office to “act determinedly”.

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