K. Albanians accuse UNMIK over north

A Kosovo Albanian government office in Priština says UN mission, UNMIK, “has turned into a real obstacle for improvement of the situation” in K. Mitrovica. The office that produced the report is in charge of implementing the so-called strategy for northern Kosovo. 

Kosovska Mitrovica is ethnically divided into its southern, ethnic Albanian, and northern, mostly Serb part. Serbs there do not accept the authority of the government in Priština.

Now the report, put together by Ilber Hisa, and reported in today’s Albanian language daily Koha Ditore, says that “by breaching its mandate and non-transparent acting, UNMIK de facto helped dividing the Serb community and other communities in the north of (Kosovska) Mitrovica”.

According to the report, the Kosovo government budget intended for the north has been finding its way to the so-called parallel structures formed by the Serbian government via UNMIK.

“The UNMIK administration in northern Mitrovica became an obstacle for integrating the city and helps the survival of the Serb parallel structures in this part of Kosovo,” the report says.

The report recalls that the UNMIK administration in the northern part of the town was created with the aim to replace the “Serb parallel structures in northern Kosovo and to ensure that all the communities are granted equal authority”, but points out that during its existence, “the administration turned into something quite opposite to its primary purpose”.

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