Balkan leaders address UN summit

Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha addressed the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit in New York on Wednesday (September 22nd), outlining achievements and Albania’s goals: to turn it into one of the safest places in the world. Berisha recalled his visit to New York in 1992 when Albania, emerging from a communist regime, was among the globe’s poorest states. Less than a decade later, he said, Albania “has increased tenfold the per capita income and belongs now to the group of countries with middle upper income levels”. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov also addressed the forum Wednesday, pledging support for global development initiatives. “We are going to help the accomplishment of the Millenium Development Goals to the best of our abilities. Because we clearly understand the meaning of solidarity as a basic principle of politics,” Borisov said. He also congratulated Bulgarians on their Independence Day, September 22nd. In his address, Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc stressed the importance of human rights and democracy in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. “We will not be up to the challenges facing us without upholding some of the values that have proved their benefits for the well-being of humanity — fundamental freedoms and democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights,” Boc said. Haris Silajdzic, chairman of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), acknowledged difficulties his country is facing in reaching economic success and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.”We have not yet been able to fully realise our country’s potential because our dysfunctional ethno-territorial agreements hinder our efforts and prevent us from progressing at the desirable pace,” Silajdzic said. At the same time, he noted that BiH “invests significant efforts in order to achieve sustainability”.

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