Seminar for Atlantic associations of South Caucasian states to be hold in Tbilisi

The Atlantic Council of Georgia is going to hold with the support of Atlantic Committee of Norway the seminar named “Transatlantic values – how they reflect on the model of governance in South Caucasian states?” from October 11 to October 12. Atlantic associations of Azerbaijan and Armenia are going to participate in the seminar.

The main issues of the seminar are: the challenges of the regional security, the role of NATO and Euro-Atlantic partnership in the regional security, transatlantic values and new approaches in the sphere of civil establishment in South Caucasus, the introduction with Western experience, issues of democratic control over defence and security sectors in South Caucasian states.

Experts on defence and security issues, journalists, representatives of relevant state bodies and students are to participate at the seminar.

The objective of the seminar is the evaluation of existing security environment, the deepening of regional discussions in the context of Euro-Atlantic partnership with the participation of wide audience for the achievement of the democratic development and effective administration.

The seminar is to be hold in the building of the Georgian Fund of strategy and research of international relations.

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