Moldova to preside over TRACECA meeting

The Moldovan Delegation led by Deputy Economy Minister Octavian Calmic participates in the 8th Annual Meeting of the TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia) Intergovernmental Commission that started in Brussels on Tuesday.

According to the Economy Ministry, the Moldovan Delegation will take the chairmanship over the organization from Kirgizia. Besides, the delegation will participate in the Investment Forum TRACECA that will take a place under the European Commission patronage.

There will be considered 3 projects reserved for Moldova and which have already been examined by the European Commission within the TRACECA technical assistance program.

The first project is concerned of creating an International Logistics Center within the Marculesti International Airport (the project budget is 16.7 million euros); and also of building 2 parts of the M3 Chisinau-Giurgiulesti superhighway – Porumbeni-Cimislia with 19.1 km length (23.81 million euros) and the detour road round Comrat with 17.9 km length (16.56 million euros).

Infotag’s dossier: TRACECA was founded in 1993 at a meeting in Brussels and included 8 states in the beginning. TRACECA joins now 13 countries for the purpose to improve commerce and transportation along the corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia. Ukraine and Mongolia were accepted to the program in 1996, Moldova – in 1999, and Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey – in 2002. The main program objective is to simplify the state members’ access to international net of motor, air and railway transports, to maritime commerce, and also to increase the number of international passenger and goods transportation. Moldova is also crossed by the 9th Pan-European Transport Corridor (Helsinki-St.Petersburg-Vitebsk-Kiev(Moscow)-Odessa-Chisinau-Bucharest-Plovdiv-Alexandropoulis).

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