Georgian president mulls Georgia-Ukraine issues with Ukrainian officials

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili discussed the issues of deepening of political and economical relations of Georgia-Ukraine were at the meeting with a delegation of Ukrainian Parliamentarians and experts, who are on visit to Georgia, the Georgian presidential administration said.

The delegation was lead by the Chairman of the Committee on Issues of Industrial and Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Verkhovna Rada, Natalya Korolevskaya.

The sides spoke about the current and already performed reforms in Georgia. Natalya Korolevskaya noted that the delegation has already seen the Public Registry as well as the Civil Registry.

“We understand how much is Georgia developing in terms of technology. For 19 years we declare that we want to perform reforms, but today Ukraine has a chance to conduct reforms. It is necessary to consolidate the huge experience existing all over the World, and Georgia is the leader in terms of the speed and effectiveness of conducting reforms” Korolevskaya said.

Mikheil Saakashvili spoke with the Ukrainian delegation about the decentralization reform and achieved results, the presidential administration reported.

“Probably it would be better to go there and see on the place the consequences of these reforms. However, we are going to have this possibility,” Saakashvili stated. “These are not just reforms (e.g. cancellation of driver’s license and electronization of the whole system), everything is visualized. We implement a serious reform of decentralization: we construct the Parliament Building in Kutaisi, we have already moved Constitutional Court to Batumi. Batumi is 270 kilometers away from Tbilisi and Kutaisi – 220 kilometers away. The Parliament Building will be ready next year. The Parliament that constitutes the Government will be located in Kutaisi. Georgia is a small country and Government will always change its location – it should be everywhere. By the end of the year of 2012 there will be a good road in all the villages and centers of population.”

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