Russian President Medvedev: Transnistria negotiations may re-start after elections in Moldova

Negotiations on Transnistrian conflict settlement may be resumed after the Republic of Moldova is through with its election process, presumes President Dmitry Medvedev.

The Russian leader stated at a joint news conference in Deauville-sur-Mer (France), organized to cover the results of Russian-French-German consultations today, that the Transnistrian settlement topic was discussed at the tripartite meeting, and that the Transnistria negotiation process may be continued as soon as negotiation parties come to exist, i.e. parties equipped with corresponding plenary powers.

Dmitry Medvedev said participants in the Transnistrian negotiations can well achieve good results. For this, however, all of the parties concerned should assume a constructive position. This is the job to be done by the international mediators to the negotiation process [Russia, Ukraine, and the OSCE], for he presumes they can influence the situation.

In his words, the state power in Moldova has been in a fairly suspended condition, as a parliamentary election is approaching. As soon as the election period is over, “I guess we will have a good chance to restart the negotiation process and achieve a result, and Russia stands ready to promote this”.

Medvedev is convinced that success will depend not only on Russia but first and foremost on the positions of Moldova and Transnistria as well as of Romania and the European Union.

“Everyone must participate. We have a potential for resolving most diverse conflicts, including frozen ones”, presumes the Russian President.

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