Slovenia says it’s not blocking Croatia’s EU path

Slovenia has denied claims seen in Croatian media that it is blocking Croatia’s efforts to enter the EU. Instead, official Ljubaljana said, they were only protecting their own interests.

Milan Balažic, the spokesperson to the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Slovenia only wished to protect, within its negotiations with Croatia, what they consider to be their interests.

The two countries were for years involved in border disputes which occasionally saw Slovenia hamper Croatia’s EU membership efforts, but top officials reached an agreement to resolve the issues.

“It’s a completely normal behavior of every EU member,” Balažic told RTV SLO television, and added that “we cannot talk of a blockade, but rather of a negotiating process”.

Balažic added that “Croatia should solve its own problems instead of looking for a foreign culprit”, rejecting the accusations. He also said that EU had officially confirms that the Croatian negotiations were in the final stage.

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