Moldova preliminary CEC results: PCRM – 44 seats, PLDM – 31, PDM – 15, PL – 11

With 95.4% of the votes counted, the PCRM is in the lead with 40.5% of the vote and might hold 44 seats of MP.

It is followed by the PLDM with 28.7% of the poll and, respectively, 31 seats. The PDM comes third with 12.9% of the vote and 15 seats. The fourth party that entered Parliament – the PL – gained 9.3% of the ballot and 11 seats of MP, Info-Prim Neo reports.

The other parties and independent candidates did not pass the election threshold of 4%.

By 11.00, the Central Election Commission counted 78.3% of the ballots cast in the municipality of Chisinau, 98.4% of those cast in Cahul, 97.5% of those cast in Criuleni, and 96.9% of those cast in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia.

As many as 65,200 persons voted abroad. A number of 28,285 people cast their votes in Italy, 4,330 in Russia, and by over 2,000 in Spain, the U.S., Greece, and France.

919 persons voted on A4 sheets, but their votes cannot influence the distribution of the electoral sympathies, said CEC secretary Iurie Ciocan.

The last votes will get to the CEC on December 2. Two district electoral councils already presented the voting reports on paper to the central electoral authority.

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