Moldova: PLDM, PDM and PL discuss principles for forming ruling alliance

The leaders of the PLDM, PDM and PL Wednesday said that the discussion they had was constructive and centered on the principles on the basis of which a democratic government would be established for four years.

After the trilateral meeting, the Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu said they considered the possibility of forming a democratic coalition that could achieve the main objective – Moldova’s integration into the EU. He expressed his optimism about the creation of a center-right alliance as the democratic reforms must continue in Moldova and the state of law must be strengthened so that the people feel safe. The PL leader suggested he might give the post of Speaker to Marian Lupu for a period.

For his part, the president of the PDM Marian Lupu said it had been a dialogue based on common positions. Other positions are yet to be discussed. These principles may form the basis for the future discussions. When the PDM takes a decision as regards a coalition, it will make its stance public, said the Democrat leader. Marian Lupu reiterated that the PDM has signed no agreement with a possible coalition partner and remains on a neutral position.

Vlad Filat, the leader of the PLDM, said it was a necessary discussion and was an important step in the talks on the formation of a government coalition. “It won’t be easy. The PLDM must assume responsibility for the good administration of this process so as to reach a reasonable compromise and constitute a democratic government,” he stated. Vlad Filat also said that he trusts his colleagues and hopes that the PLDM, PDM and PL will form a coalition.

Under the offer made by the Liberal Democratic Party one day earlier, the Democratic Party would designate the President of Moldova, the Liberal Party – the Head of Parliament, while the PDM – the Prime Minister.

The next trilateral meeting was scheduled for Friday, December 10.

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