Vote recount in Moldova doesn’t change initial results

A recount of Moldova’s Nov. 28 legislative election has confirmed initial results, with the four main parties’ mandates remaining almost the same, the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced on Saturday.

The CEC only reported minor differences from the results previously announced. Upon completion of the recount, which was ordered at the request of the opposition Communists, the Communists got 308 more votes, while the other three parties lost more than 400 votes.

Moldova held a snap election on Nov. 28, the country’s third parliamentary race in one and a half years.

According to the final results, the Communists would get 42 out of 101 parliamentary seats, the Liberal Democrats 32, the Democrats 15 and the Liberals 12.

The new configuration of the parliament indicated a still uncertain political situation in the country, since neither the Communists which got most votes, nor the three parties that are in the ruling coalition have enough seats to ensure that their presidential candidate is elected

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