Albanian Interior Minister Basha denies involvement in criminal activities

Interior Minister Lulzim Basha insisted on Sunday (December 19th) that he played no part in investigations led by UNMIK into the so-called “Yellow House” in northern Albania. Basha’s name was mentioned by the former UNMIK official in charge of missing persons, Jose Pablo Baraybar, who said Basha served as a translator in 2004.

“These are only lies. I have never been to a “yellow house”, Basha said, adding that he was employed by UNMIK only to establish the new Justice Ministry in Kosovo. In an interview Sunday, Baraybar described a visit that a UNMIK crew made to Albania in 2004. “I have heard the Interior Minister [Basha] rule [this] out. But I know that he knows. He was with me, he had the file,” said Baraybar.

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