Turkey suspects EU’s will of Greece-Bulgaria walls

Greece’s and Bulgaria’s plan to build a fence along the Turkish border is widely perceived as EU’s hidden intention to build a wall to mark its borders.

Chairman of Turkish Center for International Relations and Strategic Analysis, Sinan Ogan, says Greece’s and Bulgaria’s intention to build a fence along the Turkish border had a hidden agenda. 

“Greece, under the pretext of illegal migration, and Bulgaria, under the pretext of taking measures against foot and mouth disease, are practically building a wall between Turkey and Europe,” says Ogan.

“European Union is drawing a line to the Turkish border, over Greece and Bulgaria. A line between the worlds of Christianity and Islam. This can’t be taken lightly,” warns Ogan.

Deputy chairman of Edirne Commodity Exchange, Serdar Yalciner, said the fence building plan was an EU attempt to mark its borders, noting that Thrace was free of foot and mouth disease.

“Bulgaria wants to build a 143-km long fence along the border with Turkey under the pretext of foot and mouth disease. It is asking EU to pay for the costs. It means the EU is building a ‘Berlin Wall’ along our borders. Let’s say they managed to stop boars with a fence, what about birds and moles. EU is marking its borders,” argues Yalciner.

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