Belgrade and Priština support human organ trade investigation

After the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted Dick Marty’s report on Tuesday both Belgrade and Priština eagerly expect the investigation. Marty also expects the investigation into human organ trade in Kosovo and Albania to begin.

Belgrade, however, does not believe that EULEX could deal with it and that the investigation should be conducted by an independent international organization.

Up until now the investigation was conditioned by evidence which EULEX demanded from the CoE rapporteur. Marty, however, thinks that everything is up to the judiciary after adoption of the resolution by the PACE.

“It’s up to investigative courts now to find the evidence. I’m ready to help in the investigation, finding evidence, forwarding of information and names of witnesses but only if there is a way not to put those people at risk,” he stressed.

“The question why the investigation was not launched earlier repeats, bearing in mind that the name of Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci has been linked to organized crime for years, but my thoughts go out to the families that are still looking for their loved ones, their children. It is up to the judicial authorities to make sure that the justice is served,” Marty added.

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