Amnesty International urges EU to insist on Croatia over war crimes

Amnesty International urged European Union officials to insist that Croatian authorities prosecute all war crimes committed during the 1990s. The EU was also urged to consider AI’s concerns when deciding whether to close the chapter on the judiciary and fundamental rights in Croatia’s accession talks, Program Director Nicola Duckworth said in Brussels on Tuesday.

The human rights organization’s delegation visited Brussels to present a report entitled “Behind a Wall of Silence: Prosecution of War Crimes in Croatia”, published in December 2010, to the EU officials involved in accession talks with Croatia.

In the report, Amnesty called on Croatian authorities to make the prosecution of war crimes their top priority, and especially noted the lack of investigation and prosecution of several high profile military and political officials allegedly responsible for war crimes, despite the fact that incriminating information against them is publicly available.

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