Pacolli is new president, Thaci re-elected prime minister of Kosovo

It took three rounds of voting but construction tycoon Behgjet Pacolli was elected president of Kosovo on Tuesday (February 22nd) by a narrow majority. He was the only candidate. Hashim Thaci was re-elected prime minister followed immediately when the coalition parties supported the creation of the new government. Pacolli had to wait until the third round to win a simple majority of 61 votes before he could take his oath in a session attended only by 65 out of 120 lawmakers. The opposition parties boycotted it. Pacolli said that he brings personal success from Western Europe, and now he will work to bring Kosovo closer to the EU.

The European Commission office in Pristina welcomed the formation of the new government. It urged the newly-elected leaders to focus on reforms, strengthen public administration and fight against organised crime and corruption.

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