Tiraspol says Transnistria settlement is impeded by lack of equality between sides

The Transnistrian ministry of foreign affairs has laid responsibility for the current stalemate in the negotiations “on those states and international structures, which ignore the principles of equality, of adopting and implementation of mutually-agreed decisions, and of fulfilling precious accords”.

The ministry wrote in its press release that a serious political dialog in the 5+2 format and in other formats involving equal sides of conflict can be ensured only by giv ing up economic, social, administrative and other pressure.

The Transnistrian foreign ministry reminded that 5 years ago, the Republic of Moldova unilaterally quitted the Permanent Conference On Political Issues Within The Transnistria Settlement Negotiation Process (Format 5+2).

The press release further held that the pressure measures, which the Moldovan leadership is continuing to use, are undermining the Transnistrian government’s capacity to meet its social commitments and are restricting citizens’ rights and possibilities.

The ministry wrote in conclusion that in the current conditions, all of the participants in the political settlement process ought to focus on resolving the entire complex of problems impeding the resumption of an equal-right dialog. From its part, “Transnistria is open to consultations with all interested parties”.

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