Turkish President Abdullah Gül visits Egypt to strengthen ties

Turkish President Abdullah Gül is paying a visit to Egypt to help that country make an orderly and peaceful transition and to show that Turkey stands by post-revolution Egypt in this transition.

Gül said that he will express his wishes for Egypt to emerge from this turmoil more powerful and will display Turkey’s solidarity with the Egyptian people during his Egypt visit today — marking the first visit to the country by a Turkish official since ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak stepped down following 18 days of unceasing protests demanding he resign.

Gül said the entire region is experiencing the most fundamental, deepest transformation process in its history and that sweeping changes are led by the people and youth, not by leaders. Gül added that Middle Eastern nations deserve and hope for the most comprehensive democratic and legal standards. “In this vein, it is important to see changes in this direction,” Gül stressed.

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