War criminal suspect arrested in Montenegro

Montenegrin police on Wednesday night arrested Ivo Menzalin, who faces charges of war crimes committed at the Morinj detention camp near Kotor. Menzalin was arrested at the airport in Podgorica as he returned from Belgrade, on an Interpol warrant issued by an order of the High Court in Podgorica.

Morinj detention camp was the site of the torture of prisoners from the Dubrovnik area during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Menzalin was a reserve officer in the Yugoslav People’s Army, JNA, during the conflict, and the indictment alleges that he committed torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners and civilians at the camp.

He was tried in absentia and the High Court in Podgorica sentenced him to four years in prison. The Court of Appeals recently overturned the verdict against Menzalin, and ordered the trial to begin again from the beginning.

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