Georgian-Russian talks on WTO to be held in Switzerland

Georgian-Russian talks on Russia’s joining the World Trade Organization will be held in Bern (Switzerland) on March 9.

Moscow officially appealed to Tbilisi with the initiative to hold talks, Georgian First Deputy Foreign Minister Nikoloz Vashakidze said today at a traditional briefing.

Georgia is against providing Russia with the right to join the WTO before the legalization of the checkpoint at the Georgian-Russian border. Tbilisi calls for the closure of the checkpoint on the so-called Russian-Abkhaz and Russian-South Ossetian borders.

“Talks will be held in Bern and Prime Minister Nika Gilauri’s office will hold them from the Georgian side. Adviser to the Prime Minister Tamar Kovziridze will represent Georgia in Bern,” the first deputy foreign minister said.

Switzerland acts as a mediator between Georgia and Russia after the two countries broke diplomatic relations in 2008.

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