Serbia will not participate on U.S.-Balkans Business Summit

The meeting is to be held between political leaders and businessmen of the Western Balkan countries and the current and potential partners from the U.S., and Serbia has opted not to participate of attendance of Kosovo Albanian representatives. 

MFA Political Director and leader of Belgrade’s team in Kosovo talks Borko Stefanović said on Monday in Belgrade that the Baltimore meeting would have Hashim Thaci participate, with Kosovo represented as “the republic of Kosovo”.

U.S. State Department official Thomas Countryman has stated that boycotting the conference, as well as discouraging Serbian businessmen from participating in it together with several hundreds of businessmen and investors from the U.S. and the Western Balkans, is disappointing, not as a political issue, but rather as an economic issue at the time when the U.S. are trying to build economic and business ties with Serbia.

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