Serbian President says Kosovo solution cannot depend on Kosovo’s independence

A solution for the Serbian-Albanian conflict cannot be a scenario in which Serbia will recognize Kosovo’s independence, said Serbian President Boris Tadić.

He believes that the solution must not be such that one side wins everything while the other loses everything.

The Serbian president told Priština-based TV station Klan Kosova that he hoped the introductory phase of the ongoing talks between Serbia and Kosovo would be followed by a search for that essential solution to the underlying conflict.

“Any agreement between Serbs and Albanians has to be legitimized by acceptance from both sides. Representatives of the people cannot accept an agreement rejected by the people themselves. However, those representatives are allowed to bravely step forward with ideas that might not be appealing to the whole people, but which could be accepted in the end through a referendum,“ he argued.

Tadić refused to give any actual suggestions, explaining that it would not be wise at the moment.

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