Some progress made after second round of Kosovo talks

Kosovo and Serbia have said that some progress has been made on issues of cadastre and land registers, as well as energy supply, at the second round of talks in Brussels.

“There has been some progress on the cadastre and registers and issues of energy supply (…) and we hope that at the next meeting we will finally reach a positive conclusion on these topics,” the head of the Serbian delegation, Borislav Stefanovic, told reporters on Monday night following the talks.

Stefanovic confirmed a statement made by Kosovo’s chief negotiator, Edita Tahiri, that agreement has been reached in principle for Serbia to give Kosovo copies of registers and cadastres.

Tahiri explained that the delivery of the copies will help solve the issue of the succession of the former Yugoslavia.

Some progress has been made ​​on electricity and telecommunications, but further discussion is still required on the issues, Tahiri said.

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