Moldovan historians want to bring history of Romanians back to schools

A certain part of Moldovan historians are demanding from the Moldovan Government to bring “The History of the Romanians” course back to Moldovan educational institutions, instead of “The History of Moldova” taught presently. 

At a news conference today, Gheorghe Negru, Chairman of the Moldovan Historians’ Association, expressed an opinion that “like in any other country, Moldovan pupils and students must study, on a priority basis, their native history – the history of the Romanians”.

“Accordingly, we request the Moldovan Government to reinstate the “The History of the Romanians” discipline in curriculums, so as our young generation could know their historic past. The Communist Government’s decision of 2006 – to introduce an integrated history course – was the unhappiest of all what the Moldovan leadership could only make”, Negru stated with confidence.

In his words, students cannot study the history of their country and the world history “at one and the same lesson”.

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