Serbian Deputy PM Đelić presents proposals for EU financial assistance

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister for EU Integration Bozidar Đelić presented on in Brussels presented proposals on EU financial assistance.

The suggestions were made in conversation with three EU commissioners in charge of financial affairs, and focused on how to make EU assistance to Serbia and other regional countries more efficient.

“On behalf of Serbia, and other Western Balkan countries, I presented to European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn a proposal which envisages that the regional countries, within the already established EU mechanism for all member states, present their budgets and pension systems, and as an incentive for sustainable public finances, obtain limited guarantees for entering the capital market,” Đelić said.

“Rehn accepted that idea, and it was agreed that the plan should be developed fully in the coming weeks. If we manage to include such an idea into the forthcoming EU financial prospects, that would mean stable and cheap sources of financing for all the Western Balkan countries,” Đelić said.

He added that for the EU, that would mean a greater influence on the economic policies of these countries and sustainability of the public finances in the entire region in the next decade. In that way, Serbia could save at least EUR 1 billion.

Đelić said that during the talks with EU Financial Programming and Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski , “a greater flexibility in the funds available to the EU aspirant countries” was agreed.

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