Tiraspol accuses Chisinau of unconstructive policy towards Transnistria

Tiraspol said the parties involved in the “5+2” format dialogue should not to expect radical changes as a result of the meeting that is to take place in Moscow on June 21. In a statement issued by the Transnistrian foreign ministry, Tiraspol accuses Chisinau of unconstructive policy towards Transnistria, which, according to the Transnistrian authorities, will affect the discussions in the “5+2” format. 

“The Moldovan side took no steps to implement the agreements reached on April 4, 2011. On the contrary, Chisinau abandoned the constructive dialogue on the railroad issue, blocking the signing of an agreement between the sides at political level. The political challenges on the part of Chisinau became a norm. It is enough to remember the Moldovan administration’s refusal to take part in the meeting of the guarantor states, which was held in Odessa, and the hysterical reaction of Chisinau after the reception held at the Embassy of Russia, as well as the incidents in the Security Zone,” reads the statement.

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