Serbian official: UNSC should expand EULEX mandate

Oliver Ivanović has confirmed that Serbia prepared a second, modified draft UN resolution meant to define a future probe of the Kosovo human organ trafficking.

It represents Belgrade’s proposal to the UN Security Council to take over direct responsibility for expanding the EULEX mandate, said the Kosovo Ministry state secretary.

“The UN cannot be avoided and Serbia has many reasons to insist on that. One of the main reasons is UN SC Resolution 1244, which sent the civilian mission there and which will remain in effect, until those who adopted the resolution decide to amend it, or declare that it is no longer valid,“ Ivanović said.

He said that taking into account the balance of forces within the council, that would not happen.

Serbia insisted that the investigation into the alleged atrocities committed against Serb and other civilians by the ethnic Albanian KLA should be investigated under the auspices of the UN, and gained support for this from Russia and China. But the U.S., France and Britain opposed the idea.

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