Romania wants to help young Moldovan specialists return home

Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Marius Lazurca proposed to the Romanian Ministry of Education creating a scheme of post-university scholarships for young Moldovan specialists, who would commit to later return to their jobs. Romania has a similar system for young professionals with internships in western countries who, upon their return, obtain the status of European experts and special wages, the Romanian diplomat stated during the last meeting of the Press Club.

“I proposed the Ministry of Education to come up with some kind of post-university scholarships or internships for young Moldovan specialists who already have a job. They would receive a new professional and educational experience, but would have to return to their jobs. It’s a system that has been created in Romania by the Nastase Government through the scholarships of the Romanian Government. Graduates who wanted to pursue a master’s diploma studies at a western university were selected and the Government engaged to maintain their jobs until the end of their studies. Moreover, the state engaged to financially stimulate them by creating the status of European expert and a special wage system for them. These people later contributed to Romania’s European integration effort”, said Marius Lazurca.

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