Transnistria accuses Moldova for silence after Romanian president’s declaration

The Transnistrian ministry of foreign affairs has resolutely condemned the recent sayings by Romanian President Traian Basescu – that in place of Marshal Ion Antonescu in 1941, he too would have ordered Romanian soldiers to cross the Prut River to participate in the aggression of Hitler’s Germany against the USSR. 

“In such conditions, it is amazing to hear no reaction whatever from the Moldovan leadership on the Romanian president’s statement. The Moldovan authorities should determine clearly what they believe was the Prut River crossing by Romanian troops – an occupation or liberation? The silence in such a situation is giving grounds for presuming that the official Chisinau agrees with this unambiguously expressed preparedness of Bucharest’s to an occupation of the Republic of Moldova territory. Such a stance is an extra proof of how different Transnistria and Moldova are in their assessments and attitudes to the historic past as well as to the future”, wrote the Transnistrian foreign ministry.

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