Serbian opposition leader says the country must choose Kosovo over EU

The opposition Serb Progressive Party (SNS) would “halt the European road”, if the final condition for Serbia to join the EU would be to recognize Kosovo. This is according to party leader Tomislav Nikolić.

Nikolić, whose party polls as the country’s most popular, along with the ruling Democrats (DS), said he was concerned about the outcome of the ongoing Kosovo dialogue, held in Brussels and sponsored by the EU.

“The government is playing a dangerous game that excludes Serbia. Had we really won, Tadić would have been in Brussels to beat his chest, instead of this Borko,” he said in reference to Belgrade team leader Borislav Stefanović and agreements made in the last round of negotiations.

The SNS leader said the negotiations should immediately switch to talks about Kosovo’s status, but pointed out that there was no national plan concerning the most important issue.

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