Bulgaria ‘Worried’ About Tension in Northern Kosovo

The Bulgarian Foreign Affairs Ministry has issued a statement of “strong worry” about the wosened situation in Northern Kosovo Tuesday.

Tensions flared after end of last week Serbia refused to lift a trade embargo agaisnt Kosovo, which led Kosovo to impose the same.

Sunday Kosovo’s government sent special police units to control the crossing points to Serbia in Northern Kosovo, populated by ethnic Serbs, who attempted to blockade the access of policemen.

In the ensuing skirmishes, severeal Kosovar policemen were wounded, one of which later passed away.

Tuesday the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “We sincerely hope that the tensions won’t bring the successfully started dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade back to its starting point.”

“We are calling both parties for restraint and sound judgment about the responsibility they are taking, including as far as the European perspective of both countries is concerned,” further reads the statement.

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