Peace in Kosovo is in Serbia’s interest, says Serbian Deputy PM

Serbian Deputy PM and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić said Friday that solving northern Kosovo crisis peacefully was “more important for Serbia than to the EU”.

He also added that the country would not trade its state and national interests in the European integration process.

Dačić said the security situation in Serbia was stable, regardless of the security risks stemming from the crisis in Kosovo. 

“We said before that there is a desire to constantly cause instability and there is danger of the conflicts and tensions spilling over from Kosovo into other parts of Serbia. Security forces are ready to react to any attempt to cause a conflict in Serbia, and the important thing is that in all parts of the country, even where there is a conflict brewing, the situation is peaceful,” the interior minister noted.

Asked about his expectations regarding the current crisis in northern Kosovo, he said Serbia was implementing a reasonable and rational state policy and would not fall for provocations.

“Serbia needs to follow a reasonable and rational sate policy and not fall for provocations. The current problem was not caused accidentally and some international powers are behind it,” Dačić told Tanjug, stressing Serbia had had enough of wars and would not go to war.

“This means the dialogue needs to continue. Serbia needs to negotiate with representatives of the international community in Kosovo, regardless of the fact many of their actions are not unbiased or status neutral,” stressed the deputy PM.

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