Serbian Defense minister says there are no signs of instability in south

Serbian Defense Minister Dragan Šutanovac said on Monday that there was “no indication of instability in south Serbia”.

“That this does not mean that the situation is not being closely monitored,” the minister said in the southern town of Leskovac.

Šutanovac added that it was “important that there are no military threats, but that certain extremist groups have been heard in Priština and Kosovo and Metohija today as well”.

“We are working in cooperation with police and international forces on prevention of any activities which could jeopardize security,” Šutanovac said.

Šutanovac asserted that he had been insisting that KFOR “should not cut the number its forces in Kosovo and Metohija since the time when he became the head of the defense ministry”.

When asked who was in control of the situation in northern Kosovo, Šutanovac said that considering the fact that Kosovo and Metohija is part of Serbia, all local self-governments have to act in keeping with the decisions of the Serbian government and the country’s top officials.

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