Belgrade chief negotiator says peace and stability must be maintained in Kosovo

Belgrade negotiating team head Borislav Stefanović has spoken to northern Kosovo Serb representatives about the current situation in the province.

They talked about political and security situation and about further steps, especially about the upcoming dialogue in Brussels.

“At the same time we talked about possibilities to solve the crisis and maintain peace and stability and about not giving any reason for any unilateral violent moves of Priština,” the team chief stressed.

Stefanović said that he came to Kosovo in order to talk to Serbs, including Serbs in the village of Rudare where the only remaining barricade is located, and inform them about Serbia’s current foreign political situation and what Serbia was going to face in Brussels in the following days.

“That’s preservation of peace and stability, not reacting to any provocations, continuation of support to Serbia and its institutions in Kosovo and Metohija and at the same time continuation of European integrations,” he pointed out.

When asked what his message to Kosovo Serbs was, Stefanović said that Serbia would do everything to preserve peace and to reach that peace in a nonviolent way.

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