EP rapporteur says that Serbia should focus on priorities

Serbia should return to the negotiating table as soon as possible and focus on its priorities, European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur Jelko Kacin has stated.

He added that Serbia’s priorities are not entirely clear now when the EU candidate status is within reach.

“There is no better mechanism for settling problems than dialogue, he said. Those who left the negotiations will have to return as soon as possible,” he told Deutsche Welle, adding that the European Commission was set to give its recommendation on October 12, which would prove pointless if Serbia continued with its current actions and showed it was not interested in the candidate status.

“Serbia has to understand that a solution to the Kosovo situation is in its interest and it must focus on its priorities, which are not all that clear at the moment, he remarked. The candidate status is within reach, but the priorities seem to lie elsewhere,” Kacin pointed out.

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