French European Affairs Minister sayst that Serbia will certainly join EU

French European Affairs Minister Jean Leonetti says Serbia will certainly become a full-fledged member of the EU and that its membership is not questionable.

Pointing out that Serbia has already made significant progress on its EU pathway, the French minister said that “much more effort needs to be made in regional cooperation, especially in relations with Kosovo”.

“In that sense renewal of the dialogue with Priština under the EU auspices and achieving the first results in the dialogue will be a key element based on which progress made in that field will be assessed,” he told daily Politika.

Leonetti stressed that the issues regarding a date for the beginning of the accession negotiations were less important than quality of the accession process.

“Deadlines depend primarily on your country’s capacity to fulfill the criteria every candidate country needs to fulfill in order to be ready to face the accession challenges,” he stressed.

According to him, those are legal, economic and political norms that need to be fully implemented and it is a long but necessary process.

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