Romanian Government approves US missile defense system

Romania’s government has approved a draft law allowing the stationing of elements of the US and NATO missile defense system in Europe at a Romanian air base.

The legislation in question permits the building of an anti-ballistic interceptor site at the Deveselu Air Base located in Southwestern Romania, less than 50 km from Bulgaria’s northern border.

In September 2011, Romania and the USA signed a ballistic missile defense agreement in Washington, allowing for the deployment of SM-3 interceptors (also referred to as the “Aegis Ashore System”) in the Balkan country by 2015.

The law approved by the Romanian government on Wednesday has to be voted by Parliament by the end of 2011.

The Romanian site is part two of a four-part plan for a US missile defense system in Europe that the Obama administration outlined in 2009, and that was later adopted by NATO.

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